Encourage kids’ development in a joyful, secure, and welcoming classroom setting

Feb 16, 2024

Dew Drops Nursery is a renowned British daycare among other nurseries in Dubai Marina. Our group is committed to creating an educational atmosphere in the classroom where children can learn while engaging in extracurricular activities such as sports, ballet, music, and languages.

Dew Drop is a premium Dubai Marina Nursery among the best Dubai Marina Nurseries. Our mission is to apply our knowledge to support children’s growth in a happy, safe, and friendly learning environment. Our professional teaching staff is made up of bilingual, multicultural educators and qualified educators who work together to assist children’s everyday learning and the development of new skills.

Flexible childcare hours

We can assist families in the neighbourhood as well as parents looking for a British nursery in Dubai Marina thanks to our perfect location. Our flexible childcare hours allow you and your child to select the time that is most convenient for you both. Since every family has distinct demands, we strive to provide long-term solutions that will, as much as possible, give children a familiar routine and environment.

To provide kids with a thorough upbringing and a solid educational foundation.

Our goal is to give children a strong foundation in education and a comprehensive upbringing. We continue to offer classes and activities that will satiate their innate curiosity and afford them the freedom to explore and experience their surroundings, all the while our staff works to assure their safety and pleasure.

Please get in touch with us right away if you have any inquiries regarding our extracurricular activities, or British curriculum, or would like to schedule a visit to our nurseries near me so you can meet the staff.

Ideal for your child

Choosing the perfect nursery can be rather challenging! Consider the following factors when choosing a marina daycare centre: price, curriculum, location, and any special needs your child may have.  For you to select the nursery that is ideal for you and your family, we have taken the liberty of highlighting the most crucial information and what makes each nursery unique.

Kids Enjoy It Here.

A child’s creativity and eagerness to learn new things are two of its special gifts. We include all seven learning domains in our EYFS curriculum to ensure a child’s complete growth. If you need safe childcare for your child in Dubai Marina, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. In every manner, our trained personnel will assist your youngster.

Kids can easily adjust to their new environments thanks to Dewdrops Nursery’s approach. Please stop by our location if you’re looking for local nurseries where kids can play with a variety of kid-friendly toys.

After determining each child’s distinct competencies, we help them develop the newest skills. At Dewdrops Nursery, we work hard to provide kids with a clean, safe, and nurturing atmosphere where they may discover more about getting involved in the community.

Kids pick up knowledge while they play, explore, and have fun in a prepared, welcoming environment. Among the greatest nurseries in JVC and JBR, where children are in a secure and engaging setting, Dewdrops Nursery holds the top spot. With our soft childcare and integrated setting, they grow in their social skills.

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